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Adrian has delivered keynote presentations at conferences and for organisations right across Australia, Asia, Central and South America, the UK and our New Zealand neighbours. 

So where do we start? You might be asking... We start with these 5 challenges!



How mindful action drives meaningful progress

This challenge focuses on the crux of driving optimal performance in modern work and life. 

We can disrupt default thinking and the unhelpful habits and biases that hold us back from being at our best. Beyond the worn in path is our capacity for greater impact - where our mindful action drives meaningful progress!  


Performance & wellbeing resilience

Stress is an omnipresent challenge to optimising performance and wellbeing in all areas. 

Typical stress management approaches have been ineffective in truly addressing the magnitude of this challenge. 

Stress will never go away. With a mindful approach and balanced performance and wellbeing resilience, stress can be mastered and epic progress can be realised. 

It's my firm position that addressing this challenge is a must in our overloaded and overwhelmed society. We can all benefit from being our best in times of stress - diving into this challenge reveals how.


The crux of being our best

This challenge gets to the crux of building, maintaining, and evolving a high performance culture. 

The modern workforce is rife with high levels of employee disengagement (upwards of 76%). People are burning out, performing below their best, and not surprisingly, on the lookout for something better. 

Organisations still primarily focus on developing employee knowledge and technical skills, even though we now know this is not enough. 

Leaders that fail to properly integrate performance and wellbeing promotion within the organisational culture will see productivity plummet and talented professionals disengage and walk out the door.

Dive into this challenge to stimulate culture changes that will drive and sustain a high-performance and wellbeing culture. 


Ingenuity means nothing without implementation

This challenge is all about the important science-based approaches for ingenuity and implementation that can form a powerful approach to innovation.

”How can an enterprise bring out the best insight and creative thinking to solve challenges and capitalise on opportunities?”

”How can an enterprise execute ideas to create impact and deliver value?”

Both question are fundamental to innovation. That means, organisations and leaders had better make sure innovation is a capability where both ingenuity and implementation are strong. 

Dive into this challenge to learn how to address and capitalise on the innovation challenge!


Fixing performance management

Confidence in performance management systems has been eroded over the last decade. 

Truckloads of time, effort, and money is being thrown into processes that fail to add value. Because organisations will always need to measure, manage, and maximise performance in order to optimise productivity, we need innovative solutions. And, we need them now to rectify the sunk costs and lost value. 

Looking beyond ‘What’ to do and ‘Why’ to do it, igniting employee ‘Will’ is a critical but missing ingredient. Willpower is the key to optimising productivity. 

We need to light people up at their core and enable them to deliver, and this challenge explores how!

Traditional approaches seek to engage with these challenges in ways that are quite prescriptive or concrete. They lack the agility needed to meet the changing context and demands that match the world in which we live and work.


Wellbeing Performance Analytics & Consulting

Adrian is an all-round promoter of the central and evidence-based idea that the crux of realising new peaks of our potential in work and life lies in balancing High-Performance AND Wellbeing. Hence the primary focus of his work has been in establishing the business - Benny Button, with his Co-Founder, Troy Mansell.

Benny Button delivers data-driven intelligence to help organisations measure and enhance cultural wellbeing and performance.

Benny Button’s systematic methodology underpins the work that the do and this ensures impact is achieved and embedded. Through this methodology, organisations, leaders, and employees are guided through a cycle of three interdependent phases. 



Know what you need to know

We use data analytics to unlock performance and wellbeing insights by profiling core factors of work-life agility. A range of assessment options form a pre-program exploration phase. Based on agreed scope and investment the assessments range from online surveys and interviews through to biometric and genetic testing. 
Our Benny Button Wellbeing and Performance Profiler is included in this stage (see below).


Do what needs to be done

We help people synchronise the development of wellbeing and performance to promote growth towards work-life potential. Your data as well as performance psychology and wellbeing science informs the design and delivery of learning and development experiences.


Be the best you can be

We empower and support businesses to cultivate and sustain a high-performance culture over the long haul. Drawing on our thought leadership in organisational and performance psychology, wellbeing science, workplace culture and employee engagement we help you continue to explore and transform by building and embedding a continuous learning and development culture with work-life agility front and centre.