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Day #3: What is enough?

What is enough? When are we doing enough? Being enough? Giving, earning, sharing enough?

There's a few questions that can stir up some inner judgments, can't they? So here I am wanting to share a real and valuable post for day #3 of the (En)Lighten Up! Experiment. As context my day so far has involved waking up at 5:30am to prepare for classes I teach to Medical students at Monash University. I then took off and taught the classes - giving as much as I could with firm belief in the value of the holistic wellbeing and mindfulness training we provide. Side note: this context I am sharing is not to download my busy day, I promise I will get back to the point about 'enough'. After uni teaching I whizzed home for a quick cuddle with my wife and daughter before getting an Uber into the city to be a student myself - in Thought Leaders Business School. Busy - jam packed day. As I realised that the rest of my day will follow the same rhythm, I was wondering when I would find the time to share a valuable post.

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