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Day #45: Meditation at its source

Meditation beautifully introduced. It really is simple at its essence. Being - we breath in, and breath out. But, we make it hard by adding layers of expectation. We expect meditation will 'make' us feel better. We expect we will just 'remember' to do it in our busy lives and 'magically' commit the effort to practising everyday for extended periods of time. Layer upon layer of expectation we add until it all feels too hard, and we feel shit for not doing it. A great antidote for this cycle, as it turns out, is to meditate... I see you vicious cycle - and I raise you one mindful breath! #(En)Lighten Up!

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Day #3: What is enough?

What is enough? When are we doing enough? Being enough? Giving, earning, sharing enough?

There's a few questions that can stir up some inner judgments, can't they? So here I am wanting to share a real and valuable post for day #3 of the (En)Lighten Up! Experiment. As context my day so far has involved waking up at 5:30am to prepare for classes I teach to Medical students at Monash University. I then took off and taught the classes - giving as much as I could with firm belief in the value of the holistic wellbeing and mindfulness training we provide. Side note: this context I am sharing is not to download my busy day, I promise I will get back to the point about 'enough'. After uni teaching I whizzed home for a quick cuddle with my wife and daughter before getting an Uber into the city to be a student myself - in Thought Leaders Business School. Busy - jam packed day. As I realised that the rest of my day will follow the same rhythm, I was wondering when I would find the time to share a valuable post.

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