Day #40: Life is a decathlon, not a marathon... oh, and not a sprint


A little message for when my daughter Ayla grows up.

Life is a decathlon, not a marathon.

It's true.  

We all have many events in our lives. It's exciting. It's scary. It's scarily exciting.

We want to perform at our best.

We want to be our best.

We want to give our best. 

Learn lots.  

Think, but don't neglect feeling in the process.

Train yourself in a bunch of things.  

Create - just because.  

Roll with your interests.

Enjoy the ride with your strengths.  

Rally against ignorance.

Experience the ride with your stress.  

Keep learning. Grow.  

Feel, but don't neglect thinking in the process.  

Have fun practicing. When practice is not as much fun, know we can keep practicing what is matters with an open, curious, and inquiring spirit. 

Keep learning.

Progress takes Practice.

Remember - You are already everything you ever need to be. 

You are loved.