Day #14: Just 'role' with it

There are heaps of strategies I draw on to bring out my best in the personal, professional, and social domains of life. I've mentioned some strategies in the (En)Lighten Up! experiment already. Mindfulness practice, yoga, and psychological techniques drawn from Acceptance and Commitment have been incredibly beneficial. That being noted, I must emphasise the value of loved ones.   

My wife is a monumental source of inspiration to me and a great role model. I am in awe of so many qualities and strengths she possesses. Some of her more notable strengths include her patience and attention to detail. Seriously, her talents rival those of tibetan monks creating intricate sand mandala's - like the ones in House of Cards (video caption below if you can't imagine the analogy).

Anyway, back to my role model - Sarah. In tough times, as well as making sure I turn to her for support, I often take a moment alone first to contemplate what she would do in my situation. Said another way, I just 'role' with it. I contemplate what she would do, cultivate the qualities she would use, and concentrate my efforts on key actions I think she would take that can help me to make progress. Below is my step-by-step - but you could think of someone you admire as a role model and insert qualities, strengths, and actions you think they would take in areas where you find yourself in a bind. 

Just 'Role' With It Steps:

  1. I think about the qualities and strengths she possesses that she would draw on in my situation.

  2. I generate a bunch of actions I think she would take.

  3. I call her image into my mind as a source of motivation.

  4. I cultivate my best version of her qualities and strengths, and

  5. I experiment with some of the actions I think she would take.