Day #12: When you need to find your happy place

Sunday night chill out on the couch involved the constant intensity of "The Revenant". If there was movie designed to fit the theme of the (En)Lighten Up! experiment, this would be it's absolute opposite!

Even the ending was intense! However, Sarah did lighten things up. She was so gripped with the intensity and unsure what gruesome scene would come next. So, as the credits began to roll she came out from behind her hands and said "I thought a bear was going to attack poor Leo again..." And though that would be no laughing matter at all, strangely it brought us to laughter so we could shake off the film and get ready for bed.

If there was a moral to the story, it'd probably go like this...

When a movie is so intense you feel like you might have to watch a re-run of modern family afterwards, just think of the most ridiculous thing happening in a freaky scene and realise that the fear as well as the funny are there for us to create.

Likewise, when our thoughts are so intense we find ourselves stuck up in our heads in fear, it could help to cultivate a ridiculous scene - like Happy Gilmore's "Happy Place" to (En)Lighten Up! Not to trivialise fear or avoid our thoughts - but to acknowledge that we have the power to accept thoughts and still generate new ways of thinking that might be useful (or even funny).

Enjoy this throwback!