Day #10: There is never enough time!

In the shower this morning I lost my balance. Now, your mind might have just conjured up a terrible visual of a naked mid-thirties dude having an uncoordinated and embarrassing fall. That's not where this is going... I'm referring to losing balance up in my noggin.

So, on one side of the scales I was appreciating a few minutes alone in the warmth of the water on our chilly Melbourne morning. I was grateful for a moment to just simply be - before getting on with my busy Friday.

KAPOW - there there it is. The other side of the equation hits me like a punch to the temple. A shower of thoughts came bucketing down...

I'm sure you've had one of these thoughts interrupt your Friday morning shower?

"FARK i've got a busy day ahead"

"End of the week - gotta get s*** (stuff) done"

"Not enough time - too much to do"

Now, this is the thing. These thoughts might well have some level of truth to them. I did have a busy day and lots to do. I did have a feeling that there was not enough time to get everything I wanted to get done. However, none of this gives my thoughts any right or power to overrun my shower. They are just thoughts, after all. 

This means, if I choose I want to invest my attention in the warmth and peace of the shower for a few minutes because that is the reality of my experience, then that is by my choice the best use of my time. It's valuing my experience, appreciating what i could engage in right in the moment it was happening - as opposed to entertaining thoughts, concepts, ideas, speculations, plans, concerns - fabrications of the mind...

So, that's what I did. I noticed my thoughts. I noticed my attention slip away from the positive experience of the shower. I noticed the reaction of my mind and body to the thoughts - initially this was frustration that the day will be crazy. This turned into frustration that my thoughts were ruining my shower. Then I noticed I was ruining my shower by giving my thoughts power over my attention - which was not helpful. So, I accepted that these types of thoughts show up. I accessed some clarity and confidence that my thoughts were just thoughts and they weren't helpful right now. And, I returned my attention to the shower. 

Then, the rubber hit the road as I continued this practice throughout the day. I kept returning to my day as it unfolded - experiencing what I was experiencing, when I was there - allowing my day to come to me.

This got me through until around 2:30. At this point, I got a text message from my wife that my baby girl had just eaten possum pooh on a visit to the zoo. Random thoughts came pouring in... And the challenge of my day's practice turns up a notch. Such is the case when living mindfully...