Day #34: 5 training tips for a Samurai Mindset

I want to develop a Samurai mindset!

Here is my training:

1. Meditation Practice

Samurai culture was strongly influenced by Zen Buddhist and Confucian philosophies, so meditation practice was key.

My meditation practice is key to developing 3 the key mindfulness capacities I focus on. Concentration - the capacity for focus as sharp as a Katana blade. Contemplation - the capacity for the curiosity of a spy. Cultivation - the capacity for wise and responsive action.

2. Physical Training

Samurai engaged in intensive physical training. My physical practice nowadays is yoga. It gives me the 4 capacities for fitness. Strength, Stretch, Stability, and Stamina.

3. Values

The Samurai followed ‘The Way of the Warrior’ code of conduct (Bushido). It dictated values to abide by including respect, compassion and courage. I look for my values by identifying what brings a sense of Purpose (my calling), Presence (my authenticity), Passion (my energy), Preferences (my wisdom).

4. Lifelong Learning

The Samurai are said to have strived to bring about harmony across fighting and learning. "The pen and the sword in accord" was the intention. 

Thinking about this in the battle of our day is important. Just because we trained at school and are now on the battlefield, doesn't mean we stop investing in learning.

5. Service to others

The Samurai actually actually translates to ‘those who serve’. 

I aim to best my best so that I can be of service to others. It's my belief everyone benefits when this is the intention. 

Sarah SparnennComment