Day #30+31: Layers of Letting Go!!!

I wanted Ayla to get well quickly because it's hard seeing her in pain.

I wanted to be able to support Sarah more this week given how challenging things have been with Ayla!

I wanted to get more work done this week!

I wanted to get more writing done on my book today!

wanted it to be dry for my scooter ride home from the city!

I want, I want, I want...

Layer 1: LET IT GO!

This does not mean I don't hope Ayla will return to full health quickly. And of course I will do everything I can to make that happen, but wanting this without control over it only serves to cause me more suffering than is necessary. Letting go doesn't mean I won't support Sarah at every single opportunity I can get. I will, but there is only so much I can do and control, and my capacity has it's limits too.

So, I have the opportunity to let go of the struggle and stress associated with wanting things to be other than they are. When I can do this, I can focus my attention on what is realistically possible right now. 

Sure, I wanted to get more done this week. I wanted to write more of my book, etc. etc... This list always goes on. The list even feels longer when I get bogged down in the 'I wants...' So, again, I practice 'Let it go'.

I just wanted to have separate posts for days 30 and 31 of the (En)Lighten Up! experiment. I just need to find more time and i'll make it better. I just need to think about it harder, and I will get everything done.

I just, I just, I just...

Layer 2: LET IT GO!

Let's also recognise that this week's strategies give an opportunity for me to add some Day #29 strategies for handling overthinking with some Day #28 Perspective and a healthy dash of Day #27 because Love conquers all.

Cool - I'm going home for family time. 

If only the weather was clear for the scooter ride... Hang on there, get out of your head and look up - blue sky = awesome :)



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