Day #28: Perspective is a Superpower


I like what this image conveys and it prompted me to contemplate.

We have the ability to be thoughtful.  

We have the ability to turn up our curiosity and creativity. 

We have the ability to adopt a new perspective.  

Let's remember to make the time to thinks things through. Let's be grateful for the capacity to do so rather than beat ourselves up for taking too long. 

Let's remember to bring the mindset of a beginner or a child or a novice. Let's channel our innate curiosity and think creatively rather than mindlessly following old rules and assumptions. 

Let's remember to see things from someone or something else's point of view. Let's ensure we are considerate and compassionate of others instead of only concerning ourselves with our own interpretations and interests.  

Don't we owe it to ourselves and each other to harness all of powers to meet the challenges of our complex, high-pressure, fast-paced lives? 

Yep, thought so...

Sarah SparnennComment