Day #27: Love conquers all


I've got a big presentation on mindfulness with Nike tomorrow and it was on my mind as I tried to settle Ayla off to sleep. 

Our little treasure has been so sick and in pain from teething that zzz's were elusive. So, there was nothing else for it but cuddle time.

I noticed my mind switching from loving, compassionate and comforting cuddles for Ayla, to rehearsing content for my presentation. 

I chose to keep returning to the cuddles and to trust that my mind was well prepared for tomorrow.  

It's with this decision, I looked down at Ayla through the cool blue light and mist of the humidifier and said "I Love You". What happened next melted my heart. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Ayla looked up at me. Her face transformed from grumpy into a smile as she tried to repeat the words back to me for the first time. 

It was so sweet. I repeated "I Love You" again and she tried to repeat it straight back to me. Back and forth we went with smiles and chuckles in between.

Such a beautiful moment. Everything other than our little existence right then and there faded into the background and we just enjoyed the comfort of the cuddles and each other's love and company. 



Sarah SparnennComment