Day #25: Little Thoughtful Things Make a Difference


So it's half way through the experiment - day 25 of 50. I've been living what I've learned, and been learning even more as a result.

Little gestures do make a difference. Thanks goes out to those who have been following along. I've been encouraged by messages that have come through. I'm rapt people are finding the posts are valuable little reminders. Some people have felt they've got some new tips to try and practice. Others have enjoyed a little smile or a laugh. I hope we can continue to (En)Lighten Up! together over the next 25 days - and beyond of course :)

Todays message - don't forget to lift your eyes up from your screen, get out of your own head, and think about a little gesture you can do for someone else.

I had a much appreciated gesture yesterday when someone saved my scooter from potentially getting stolen. A large gesture.

It's also true, however, that little gestures can bring heaps of lightness, fun, and smiles. For example, my morning coffee's from the local cafe with Mumma and Pappa on the lids. How nice that the barista enjoys recognising and being a little part of the joy we're having in this new phase of our lives as parents. They didn't have to, but did and it makes a difference. I think it has a power of connecting people together around positive aspects of life that we can all share in.  

Sarah SparnennComment