Day #26: (En)Lighten Up! It's a Superpower


Sunday's turn into Monday's. We have no power over changing it, so we deal with it. Sometimes the way we deal with it doesn't really deal with it at all. For example, some of you might start to think about and plan work stuff on a Sunday. This may feel like - or indeed may be - useful preparation. Or, it may be an unhelpful and unwelcome distraction from enjoying a Sunday while it's happening.

So here we are on a Sunday - the cusp of another working week. Tonight I find myself excited about the week ahead. I have some super exciting client work on this week. Plus, a book I'm writing is making super progress. So, I'm energised to get stuck in again after attempts to replenish some energy over the weekend.

Side note: writing attempts when it comes to replenishing energy is to reflect to the challenges Sarah and I have had with our sick 14 month old this weekend. In fact, last night was actually the most challenging ever. She was up every single hour through the night - screaming in discomfort and so so upset. It's crap seeing them so upset and having very little that you can do to help. So, yeah, weekends aren't necessarily as rejuvenating as they once could be. Nevertheless, this post is not about parenting challenges. Besides, my brain had had a bit of time away from work. That helps my mind (including unconscious mental processing) consolidate and incubate. This usually affords me clarity, energy and ideas when I get back to work. 

Anyway, back to the post. I want to make sure that I'm not always so eager to bring on a new week. Let me make that very clear - I'm not a freak. More weekend regularly features on my list of things most desired!

So, if you're not in the same mindset as I am. That is, if you're feeling a little powerless because you want it to remain weekend instead of clicking over to Monday. I advise you to take a moment to (En)Lighten Up!

Whenever I feel like I've got no power or control over what is going on. I remember the quote illustrated in the above image, and I have a little chuckle. It helps me not only (En)Lighten Up!, but also soften the tensity in my body and breath. I think it's because - for a split second - I will imagine what it would be like to actually play out that prank. This serves to reignite my cheeky childish side, have a stress releasing laugh, and move on. But maybe it's just my odd sense of humour and you find the quote disgusting... For what it's worth, I hope this quote finds a home with you :)

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