Day #24: Friday Freakout!

It was a cold and rainy day in Melbourne today. I had a frantic Friday with back-to-back meetings and events rounding out a huge week.

The rain poured as I nervously made my way by scooter from the CBD to St Kilda. I arrived drenched, but hell bent on grabbing a coffee and a quick snack between one meeting and the next. I needed to keep my energy up.

Swept up in what I was doing next, I mindlessly left my keys in the ignition of my pride and joy Vespa. I left the keys in the ON position, which meant the headlight was still on.

The panic overcame me when I came out of my meeting to realise what I had done. No, not flat battery. Thankfully, the scooter wasn't stolen, However, it could have been. My keys were nowhere to be found - not in my bag, not in my pockets, not in the scooter - nowhere. 

I had a massive freakout. Here I was standing there in the rain knowing I had another appointment I needed to rush off to. I was calling my wife to see if she could bring me the spare key, when I noticed a little note tucked in the corner of the windscreen. It read:

Hi Mate,

You left your key in the scooter. Call me on (his number), i'll tell you where I put it.

his name

Have a nice day!

What a superstar guy, hey? He saved my skin massively!

So I called him and thanked him for being so awesome. He told me where to find the keys and I could get on my way. I was happy to be late to my meeting if I could see him and show my gratitude. However, he said there was no need and besides, he was then on his way to work. 

Faith in Humanity = Restored!

I'm interested in any ideas people have for ways I could offer a gesture of thanks. All I have is his mobile number and name. What could I do that is not intrusive on him, but that conveys my gratitude even though he said it wasn't necessary?