Day #23: Bee in the moment

Here is a bee I met. It was a pretty cool encounter on one level and weird on others. Let me tell you the story. 

Usually my frenzy upon encountering a bee would be analogous with the frenzied flight of the bee itself. On this occasion I let go of the usual 'shooing' away action. Something in me encouraged me to adopt a different attitude and forego aggressively waving my hand. I got into a kind of zone with the bee. Some might say it was the red wine, but I don't think so. It wasn't influenced, it was actually quite pure. I kind of connected with the bee on a level where we were equals. Ya know - living creatures sharing the same space at the same time doing our thing. I know this might sound strange and that's because it is - and that's cool with me. You? 

Anyway, on with the story... So, the bee landed and started walking around on the table near me. As I said, it was like it had seen me on the same level. It let go of the frenzied evasive flight maneuvers, and joined me with my vino. It's at this point I stretched my finger out to greet my new little friend. What happened next was ace! Spoiler alert is that you've already seen the moment captured in the photo above. But, yeah, here I was with my finger outstretched and that could have startled the bee or incited the bee to attack and sting me, but it didn't. Instead, the bee walked on over on it's little bee legs and said hello with it's little bee antenna's tapping and sensing my finger. It was a really cool moment.

By the measure of time, it all happened really quickly. However, by the measure of mindfulness and the quality of the moment-by-moment engagement I shared with the be, it was a rich experience beyond the measure of time. 

Stepping back I am inclined the think the reason for the value in this experience was threefold:

  1. My openness allowed me to let go of assumptions and rules around how I typically act or 'should' act in the situation.

  2. The curiosity I brought to the experience led me to explore new ways of acting in the present moment.

  3. Allowing the moment to simply play out but at the same time bringing playful imagination created a rich, meaningful and odd little experience.

So that's my story about bee'ing in the moment...


Note: No bees were harmed in the capture of this photo.


Sarah SparnennComment