Day #22: Balancing is Living

...When I get through this, then life will be good...

When I have that, then I will be happy...


I don't believe there is such a thing as balance - only balancing

Life is dynamic. Happiness isn't stable. But neither is sadness. Contentment sounds steady, static and sustained. In my experience, contentment can feel quite short lived. To be fair, contentment might be/appear omnipresent for people who are actually enlightened (not just those of us who (En)Lighten Up!) That being said, balancing was the process through which enlightenment was possible, no doubt.

So I say we should praise balancing. Let's recognise that the work we put into continuously adjusting our effort and focus create our balancing act - our life.

Balancing is exciting, but it can be scary. We can fall, but we can also fly. Where there is yin, there is also yang. It's all there for us, if we realise our life is IN the balancing.

Sarah SparnennComment