Day #19: Being... Yep, Just Being....

We will all have list of to do's, problems to resolve, obligations to satisfy, and dreams to follow.

Here's some guidance for you to consider...

At that time each day when you're happy you've ticked off your quota, take a moment for yourself to 'just be'.

I have a cheeky smile on my face having written that. It's a nice idea, right? But, yeah, we just don't seem to work like that do we?

Rarely do we feel satisfied with the amount we get done in a day. We might feel like we get a good work day in on occasion. However, then we get home to 'life admin' and family and friends who haven't seen us so we feel the pressure to pick up home tasks and make calls and plans. These are potentially very important pieces of our productivity puzzle - particularly investing in our relationships. 

The challenge is that we don't prioritise time for ourselves easily (if at all). We keep putting off time for 'just being'. Perhaps we don't feel like we deserve it. Maybe we don't believe we've done enough to have earned time for ourselves. It's also the case that we will rarely be given this time.

What's the solution?

We make time to just be. We recognise that it can be just as important - if not more important - than other tasks we invest our time and effort in each day. 

If you are still thinking this is impossible - how much time do you think you need to make?

Get into a comma daily...

Let's start small. Let's make it nice and practical to get a few moments of 'just being' into our day. I follow a practice first introduced to me by the super awesome teacher of mine - Dr Craig Hassed. We can punctuate our day with moments of mindfulness and some short periods of formal practice. Starting with a few mindful moments thoughtfully placed into our day where we can 'just be' is like putting a comma in a sentence. Not 'coma', we are looking for an alert but relaxed moment of pause to just be. These commas can really make our day comprehensible. We can maintain sense of what we are doing and progressing. Plus, we can better maintain and recover our energy throughout the day so we don't wind up feeling so knackered. 

Keen to add full stops too - awesome! This can include actually stopping and sitting in stillness for a minute or so - 'just being'. No need to do anything at all. This can be a tough if you are unfamiliar with giving yourself a moment just for yourself. That said, it's worthwhile challenge in it's own right. However, if doing nothing makes you really restless to the point you resist the practice altogether, I recommend just be with your body and breath for your brief full stop practices. When you get distracted - no problemo's - it's gonna happen and it's all part of the practice of just being. All we need to do when we notice our mind trying to 'do' when our aim was to just 'be', we just acknowledge it and patiently bring our attention back to our body and breath. 

Here's a nice quote to wrap up :)

In today’s rush, we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just being.

Eckhart Tolle

Sarah SparnennComment