Day #8: Can you finish this poem?

So, the current cover story for the Mindful Magazine is "Are you too hard on yourself?"

To which, my mind eagerly pitched in "you are Adrian, often, that looks like an article you need to read..."

It's true and i've eluded to it in previous posts. I can be really hard on myself and my own worst critic. Can anyone relate? 

Now, i'm not a sad-sac whinger (as far as a I know), and actually have quite a lot of great stuff going on in life. However, it doesn't mean I don't have times when i'm super critical of my own thoughts, actions, inputs and outputs...

As I was contemplating what to write about in today's post, I was reflecting on an inspiring and poetic Children's Book a friend of mine wrote. She shared it with us at the inaugural Mindfulness Collective gathering and said she wrote it in an impressive 30 minutes.

Taking that inspiration onboard, as well as putting pressure on myself to come up with something ace myself in half an hour, I started on my own little poem.

I        just       couldn't        finish       it...... 

I noticed the tendency to be critical of myself. I noticed that I was pushing myself to finish it so that I could include it in the post. And then I remembered the cover story on the Mindful Magazine and the purpose of the (En)Lighten Up! experiment, and decided to just share it incomplete.

Why the F not, hey? I'm not a failure because it's not finished. In fact, it can give me an opportunity to be ok just letting go and sharing a piece of something that is unfinished and imperfect. Let's face it, that is life...

I also think that sharing this message - and indeed sharing the unfinished poem - gives me a chance to learn from others similar experiences and insights. Perhaps there is even someone out there who wants to help me finish the poem. 

So, getting out of my own head and letting go I can share the progress I am making in mind, in creative expression, and into the relational space we all get to share...

Here goes:

I spend loads of time in my head,

It's often when lying in bed,

So I learned how to breathe,

Let thoughts come and then leave,


Goodnight :)