Day #6: Mindfulness for Manic Monday's

Monday's, hey?... You with me?

Monday's can be so full-on and fast-paced that we feel like we have no alternative but to fly through the day like one long-winded sentence just like this one right here which means we don't even take the time to breathe and this leads us to push and push and push to the point that we nearly collapse in a heap at the end of the day wondering why we didn't make time breathe and pause....

Can we relate?

What is the result of a Manic Monday without moments of pause? An evening where we feel like we're in a coma... 

I had a one of these day's today. It was flat out from start to finish. On the one hand, it was exhilarating. However, I also knew that I needed to find moments to pause otherwise I would be like one of the Walking Dead by Monday evening...

What is more, I must be mindful to take a pause because on Monday evenings my beautiful wife heads to French lessons and I look after our spirited 14 month old solo during the crazy hours before her sleepy time.

So, we need moments to mindfully pause and it's kind of like using punctuation when writing. Without punctuation - both in writing just as in life -things quickly become overwhelming and incomprehensible.

We owe it to ourselves to use punctuation. We need mindfully inserted comma's to bring a brief pause between one part of our day and the next. A moment to take a breath and to collect ourselves before moving on to what comes next. This practice helps me to restore the energy and clarity I need to invest in my work and life, and ensures I have reserves of energy throughout the day instead of running on empty to the point of exhaustion.

Way's I mindfully pause - use a comma:

  1. Make a conscious effort to take 3 slow full breaths without doing anything else, at least once an hour.

  2. Use moments in a day when I have had to stop - e.g. a red traffic light - and just access stillness instead of search for something to think about.

  3. Tune into the posture of my body, and movement of my body. On busy days where i'm seated, I connect with my posture and bring a sense of ease to my body. On day's when i'm busy and on the move, I connect with the process of moving as I head from one place to the next - instead of falling victim to texting while walking or being all up in my head.

Sure, I sometimes trip up. But, even a 70% hit rate on including mindful comma's in my days - particularly on Monday's - ensures I feel calm and clear for everything that comes my way.

  • Do you take time to pause?

  • What would a comma look like for you?