Day #4: A new way embrace vulnerability can drive powerful growth

Ready for a bit of brutal honesty?


Life   has   suffering.


I’m not the first person to say that, I know. Buddha positioned this as the first of the four noble truths. So what does this mean? For starters, it means that we are all vulnerable. We are vulnerable to being hurt and getting sick. We are vulnerable because we are alive - but won't always be (my attempt to avoid using death in the opening paragraph of what I hope will actually be a positively impactful and (En)Ligthening blog over time). Most of all, however, we are vulnerable because our vulnerabilities signal to our brains that there is a perceived threat. This triggers a chain reaction of mental, emotional and behavioural consequences that can stop learning, creativity, and progress.

We can also be incredibly agile when we need to be. We can identify opportunities to improve the way we do things. We can generate ideas for overcoming challenges. We can curiously explore, transform, and evolve how we think, feel, and act – when we put in the effort.

Interestingly, however, a great deal of vulnerability underlies the capacity that mobilises agility. Also, and perhaps even more interesting, is the fact that a great deal of vitality also underpins our agility. It's all available to us - again - when we put in the effort.

So, how can we accept that our vulnerability will occur - and in doing so also allow the vitality always there in us to energise learning, creativity, and progress?

Instead of only experiencing the raw exposure of vulnerability, can we deliberately access the agility to curiously explore, transform, and evolve how we think, feel, and act? 

I call the intersection between vulnerability and agility.... (wait for it...) 




A sigh from the crowd... Whatever, I like it :)

Ok, let's consider the following... 

When we can cultivate vulneragility, we can minimise the unnecessary consequences that can be triggered when we are vulnerable. We adopt a mindset focused on accepting vulnerability and accessing the vitality for 'agile action' instead of a misplaced 'fight/flight/freeze reaction’.

I’m keen to hear from readers on the idea of vulneragility. Over to you...