Day #3: What is enough?

What is enough? When are we doing enough? Being enough? Giving, earning, sharing enough?

There's a few questions that can stir up some inner judgments, can't they? So here I am wanting to share a real and valuable post for day #3 of the (En)Lighten Up! Experiment. As context my day so far has involved waking up at 5:30am to prepare for classes I teach to Medical students at Monash University. I then took off and taught the classes - giving as much as I could with firm belief in the value of the holistic wellbeing and mindfulness training we provide. Side note: this context I am sharing is not to download my busy day, I promise I will get back to the point about 'enough'. After uni teaching I whizzed home for a quick cuddle with my wife and daughter before getting an Uber into the city to be a student myself - in Thought Leaders Business School. Busy - jam packed day. As I realised that the rest of my day will follow the same rhythm, I was wondering when I would find the time to share a valuable post.

If I shared something relevant but brief, would that be enough? Would I have given enough - been 'good' enough? I'm taking the opportunity to tell myself the message for which this experiment was designed: "(En)Lighten Up!". Actually, I'm going to repeat it for myself with a little more emphasis - Adrian - (En)Lighten the F Up! When I can realise and embody this message I can notice how these 'enough' games we play can really haunt us if left unchecked.

Today, being mindful for me means noticing when the 'enough?' question is creating an unhelpfully biased way of approaching on my days tasks. I find that the question feeds a desire to do more - be more - as if there is someone I need to bring 'enough' value to, but whoever and whatever 'enough' is, it somehow remains out of grasp so I keep chasing without realising how I am being, how I am giving, how I am doing... I am giving everything I am - which is enough. But more importantly, recognising that I am enough irrespective of how much I squeeze into a day, is an ongoing mindfulness practice I am exploring. Whilst I hope that this post is 'enough' for those who read it today or into the future, my self worth is not dependent on it. I am enough. So are you.