(En)Lighten Up!

(En)Lighten Up!

I'm the fun loving photobomber you see in the picture. My full name is Dr Adrian Medhurst. I'm a Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Educator, as well as a Father, Husband, and Yogi. I have researched, learned about, and trained myself to bring out my best and to support others to do so also. 

BUT, I'm not always the playful guy shown above. Sometimes (and much more than I like), the scaremonger*** that lives in my head - that inner influencer - has the habit of initiating (self-)sabotage that holds me back from being at my best - even though I know better. In fact, now is the time to own this instead of separating 'me' from 'my scaremonger', what holds me back is me. I owe it to myself as well as my clients and family, to (En)Lighten Up on myself. To get on with being the best of me more of the time - for my own and others benefit. 

Like many others - including my clients - I still slip up, struggle, and stress out. So, I think we can all benefit from putting in effort to (En)Lighten Up. When we do, we can better access the elements of our character that give us the energy and presence to do what matters most for ourselves and those we care about. That's what (En)Lighten Up! is about.

So, what exactly is this???

(En)Lighten Up! is a a 50-day mindful experiment I am embarking on starting today. The angle of the experiment fits the title because it will explore traps, triggers, and tendencies people - including myself - use to self-sabotage, slip up, struggle and stress out - causing their own awesomeness and progress to faulter. Plus, it will explore how strategies including mindfulness can help us (En)Lighten Up! - and mindfully move on. It is my hope that (En)Lighten Up! will not only benefit me by helping me practise what I preach, but will be of benefit others as well. I invite you to follow along and truly hope that something of value reaches you. Deep breath - here goes...

Aim #1

To share an honest-to-the-core commentary of ways people - including myself - limit their own awesomeness. 

Aim #2

To share messages, tactics and techniques I have found to be helpful for cultivating the mindfulness, stability, and agility to get back on track to being our best.  

Why me?

Why not - I believe we can all learn from each other. In fact, I hope to learn from the community watching this blog over time. But aside from that, I'm a doctor of psychology, mindfulness teacher and yogi focused on the intersection between high-performance and wellbeing. I believe this positions me to tune into, research and understand challenges people face when trying to be at their best. 

BUT, in keeping with the introduction, this by no means makes me immune. Quite the contrary. I'm in this wondrously mixed up mess called life just like everybody else. This brings us to aim #3...

Aim #3

I will be living what I share as best I can. When i'm sharing my daily post and ways we might Enlighten Up, it will be coming from the core - my core. I will be digging deep to access those corners of myself I am aware of that my scaremonger draws on for self-sabotage. When I am sharing strategies linked to the topic of the day, I will be practising them - living them - myself.

If there is one thing I am crystal clear on as a result of what i've learned about, trained, and taught from the sciences, philosophy and different wisdom traditions over the past 8 years, it's that knowing better doesn't equate to being better. We must 'Live what we Learn'. Why? Because consistent practice allows our effortless awesomeness to pour out in everything we do. Practice drives growth and progress.

Said another way by Winston Churchill,

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential".


The Mindful Experiment

Selfishly, if all this experiment does is help me live what I learn - practice what I preach - i'll be happy. I'm quietly hopeful that by sharing these posts we can practise together and share our experiences. Collectively putting effort into living what we learn. So let's take as many opportunities as these posts stimulate to practise - take action - and be awesome.

So, with this wave of undirected vulnerability I feel in anticipation of what will unfold through this experiment, I will click send...


Scaremonger n.

a person who spreads frightening or ominous reports or rumours.

Scare v.

1. to fill, especially suddenly, with fear or terror.

2. to become frightened.

Monger n. 

1. a person who is involved with something in a petty or contemptible way.

2. a dealer, trader, or trafficker.