We are SPAMMING ourselves

People spend a lot of time up in their head.

Did you just think... "HAH, I know, I'm up in my head all the time"? 

Or perhaps you thought... "I don't waste time up in my head, I'm as focused and efficient as a brain surgeon thank you very much". (Ahem, not to be a smart ass but where were you to have that thought? Up in your head, perhaps?)

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How channelling Sir David Attenborough can improve your day

Drama, Danger and Disappointment!

Our negatively biased self talk can mean our life is narrated with much drama, danger and disappointment. It can cloud our day and mean we miss or overlook and miss the opportunity to capitalise on the good stuff. It can undermine our ability to engage with and demonstrate our best performances on tasks. It can lead to poorer experiences in relationships.

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The Challenge

Australian leaders and employees alike are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. The catch cry of the modern professional when asked how they are going is invariably met with - “I’m busy!” The frantic pace of work is putting a huge strain on our wellbeing resources and can exacerbate workplace conflict. The never-ending pressure to achieve growth and manage change is draining our physical, mental and emotional energies. Plus, the complexity of juggling life and relationships into the mix with career are stressing our ability to cope.

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Take Action - Connect!

I was at my local cafe trying to figure out what I should write in a blog. One latte and chocolate brownie down, I was still 'spinning my wheels' with multiple ideas but nothing on the page. You see I've been keen for some time to do my part in bringing the science I am passionate about to an online community of readers. Topics like the ones I consult to businesses on - innovation, employee engagement, mindfulness and wellbeing and the like... To cut a long story short, I'm not light on for topics and techniques I could write about, but I was ‘all thinking and no action’ when it came to getting a simple blog onto the page.

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