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Mindfulness practice is a nutritious diet for the mind

Our brains are hungry. From one moment to the next, our appetite for thinking can be insatiable. It seems as if our mind is always on the lookout for something to consume and chew on. But we can’t so much blame our mind. After all, our past has primed us to scan our environment for relevant cues and information we can use to get ahead and survive. But that was at times when our environment was far simpler than it is today. These days, there is an abundance of stimulus all around us or available to use on demand, in any moment of the day or night. 

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The Stress Mastery Challenge

Typical approaches under the umbrella of 'stress management' are not fully addressing the magnitude and growth of our stress epidemic. That's because managing stress is an incomplete approach to building and maintaining our performance, health, wellbeing, and relationships. We deserve better than merely managing - we owe it to ourselves to master stress so we can be at our best and learn from life's challenges.

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We are SPAMMING ourselves

People spend a lot of time up in their head.

Did you just think... "HAH, I know, I'm up in my head all the time"? 

Or perhaps you thought... "I don't waste time up in my head, I'm as focused and efficient as a brain surgeon thank you very much". (Ahem, not to be a smart ass but where were you to have that thought? Up in your head, perhaps?)

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