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Grow - Coach to the Opportunity

Would you jump at the chance for your share in the 100's of Billions in untapped performance potential in the Australian workforce?

No brainer, right? Let's explore this opportunity...

Consultants and Coaches thrive on the need we have to grow. They make a business out of it. They even coin versions of their own 'GROW' acronyms as part of employee and individual feedback and development processes.

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The Crux of Human Resource Development

For time poor readers, take 30-seconds right now to read and think about the bullet-pointed questions below and reflect on the model pictured above.

If the questions and model spark your interest, return for the whole post or get in touch with me to explore what you or your organisation can do to address the crux of human resource development.

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How channelling Sir David Attenborough can improve your day

Drama, Danger and Disappointment!

Our negatively biased self talk can mean our life is narrated with much drama, danger and disappointment. It can cloud our day and mean we miss or overlook and miss the opportunity to capitalise on the good stuff. It can undermine our ability to engage with and demonstrate our best performances on tasks. It can lead to poorer experiences in relationships.

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The Challenge

Australian leaders and employees alike are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. The catch cry of the modern professional when asked how they are going is invariably met with - “I’m busy!” The frantic pace of work is putting a huge strain on our wellbeing resources and can exacerbate workplace conflict. The never-ending pressure to achieve growth and manage change is draining our physical, mental and emotional energies. Plus, the complexity of juggling life and relationships into the mix with career are stressing our ability to cope.

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