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We are SPAMMING ourselves

People spend a lot of time up in their head.

Did you just think... "HAH, I know, I'm up in my head all the time"? 

Or perhaps you thought... "I don't waste time up in my head, I'm as focused and efficient as a brain surgeon thank you very much". (Ahem, not to be a smart ass but where were you to have that thought? Up in your head, perhaps?)

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Take Action - Connect!

I was at my local cafe trying to figure out what I should write in a blog. One latte and chocolate brownie down, I was still 'spinning my wheels' with multiple ideas but nothing on the page. You see I've been keen for some time to do my part in bringing the science I am passionate about to an online community of readers. Topics like the ones I consult to businesses on - innovation, employee engagement, mindfulness and wellbeing and the like... To cut a long story short, I'm not light on for topics and techniques I could write about, but I was ‘all thinking and no action’ when it came to getting a simple blog onto the page.

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