We need a movement, not simply an intervention

Improved performance. We all want it. 

As individuals, we want to perform at our best. We want to continue to develop ourselves in order to reach our individual potential.

As leaders, we want our teams to perform at their best. We want to develop, support, inspire, and challenge our teams to realise collective potential.

As organisations, we want our system to perform at it's best. We want to optimise our strengths, nurture a high-performance culture, and propel innovation in ways that expand our potential into the future.

Performance improvement relies on functioning at our best. Functioning at our best relies on being at our best. Being at our best is a wellbeing challenge and a performance challenge. We can’t have one without the other. It’s about building and maintaining our capacity for optimal performance, not just our competence. We need to look after ourselves and each other – and we need to do it now!

Current approaches to performance improvement often neglect to simultaneously and substantially invest in personal, professional, team, and system wellbeing. 

We need more than an intervention, we need a movement.  


We need to invest in a movement that focuses on the crux of optimal performance. When performance psychology and wellbeing science intersect in our organisations we will more effectively address issues including work stress, disengagement, burnout, and the growing mental health challenges which currently place a monumental productivity cost in the 10's of Billions annually in the Australian economy alone (e.g. Beyond Blue & PWCMedibank).

What’s more, we will capture our chunk of the $305 Billion productivity shortfall Ernst & Young have calculated that is due to currently untapped potential in the Australian workforce.

I think the oft-cited and perhaps even somewhat cliché phrase ‘Move it, or lose it’ is apt in this context. But seriously, let’s move it. Let’s create the movement everyone will benefit from. 

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