The Challenge


Australian leaders and employees alike are feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. The catch cry of the modern professional when asked how they are going is invariably met with - “I’m busy!” The frantic pace of work is putting a huge strain on our wellbeing resources and can exacerbate workplace conflict. The never-ending pressure to achieve growth and manage change is draining our physical, mental and emotional energies. Plus, the complexity of juggling life and relationships into the mix with career are stressing our ability to cope.

The Australian Psychological Society recently reported that Australian’s are experiencing lower workplace wellbeing and higher disengagement, stress and anxiety than in previous years (APS: Stress and Wellbeing survey, 2013).

The mounting issues don’t just impact wellbeing. Taken together, these factors have a huge impact on performance and present a significant burden to Australian industry in lost productivity due to issues including disengagement, ‘presenteeism’, and absenteeism due to mental and physical sickness and stress. The specific dollar value differs across research reports. PWC and Beyond Blue recently reported that the impact of employee mental health issues is costing Australian employers $10.9 billion in terms of lost productivity, compensation claims. The most important things to acknowledge here are:

1. Employee wellbeing is a performance issue as well as a human issue

2. Productivity losses are HUGE (in the millions and billions), and

3. Improving employee wellbeing for performance improvement is crucial!

In our attempts to manage the chaos, we try things like multi-tasking – which we now know reduces productivity by as much as 40% and further exacerbates issues with stress, distractibility, restlessness, and procrastination. It has therefore never been more important to focus on wellbeing and performance through integrated intervention.

What's your perspective on the link between wellbeing and performance? Would love to hear from you. If you’d like to discuss how we can tackle this challenge together, feel free to email or call 0402 031 845.