Having a Cracking Good Day?

1-minute read + 3-minute reflection

I think today has been a cracking good day. They're not always, I know. But that's cool in my view - just part of life. But there have been some small and some more significant things that have made today a cracker.

That being said, when we have a cracking good day, do we pause at the end of it and really acknowledge and savour the day's awesomeness?

I'll answer that - not nearly enough I reckon!

Instead, we tend to...

  • finish the day focusing on how much we still have to do instead of what progress we made or what we learned.

  • have lingering frustrations resulting from the 'not so cracking' parts of our day.

  • neglect to consciously pause and reflect on the value-adding aspects of the day - the small wins through to the large ones.


So, let's shift the pendulum with 3 cracking good things that happened irrespective of any other crap.

I'll go first, then it's your turn.


  1. Today was cracking good because the city traffic I encountered was smooth and the air was clean while riding my scooter.

  2. Today was cracking good because my cute daughter crawled like a commando for the first time.

  3. Today was cracking good because I had a productive meeting with a client about an exciting opportunity we're shaping up.


Your turn

Reflect on and complete this sentence thricely:

  1. Today was cracking good because...

  2. Today was cracking good because...

  3. Today was cracking good because...


Feel free to add your responses to the comments section below!