Take Action - Connect!

I was at my local cafe trying to figure out what I should write in a blog. One latte and chocolate brownie down, I was still 'spinning my wheels' with multiple ideas but nothing on the page. You see I've been keen for some time to do my part in bringing the science I am passionate about to an online community of readers. Topics like the ones I consult to businesses on - innovation, employee engagement, mindfulness and wellbeing and the like... To cut a long story short, I'm not light on for topics and techniques I could write about, but I was ‘all thinking and no action’ when it came to getting a simple blog onto the page.

Now, I acknowledge that the ‘all thinking and no action’ story is a classic stumbling block for many. It’s certainly created cognitive dissonance for me that I am attempting to remedy through this blog. So, I’m going to drag you into this with me with some simple action we can take. But first, some science will provide useful context...

One reason it is so important to address is the ‘all thinking and no action’ challenge is that it leads us to miss important opportunities to be connected to others around us – at work and in our personal relationships.

Getting out of our own heads to engage with those around us in the workplace and broader community is increasingly important these days. We are all striving to meet the growing demands and complexities of modern working and living. However, right now people are stressed, depressed and experiencing anxiety at alarming levels.

A recent study by the Australian Psychological Society showed that Australian’s are experiencing lower workplace wellbeing and higher disengagement, stress and anxiety than in previous years (e.g. APS: Stress and Wellbeing survey, 2013). Taken together, these factors significantly impact performance and present a significant burden to Australian industry in lost productivity due to issues including disengagement, ‘presenteeism’, and absenteeism due to mental and physical sickness and stress. What’s more, whilst there are many things we can do to improve our engagement and wellbeing, research highlights ‘connecting with others’ and ‘social support’ have a significant positive impact.

So, allow me to bring this all together into an action-focused blog.

I hereby encourage you to move from thinking to action right now by looking up from your screen to connect with someone in your environment. Yes, you read it right. And I know this request might trigger a bit of resistance for some (particularly if you’re on the tram or something). But, if you're still reading and can address any resistance – then go and connect to someone in your immediate environment. Invest your attention in them and offer your thoughts and ideas. Who knows, your action – this connection you are about to make - could prove to be of real value to someone else. The bi-product for you is the opportunity to practice moving from ‘all thinking and no action’ to being actively aware of and connected to those around you – which will add to your wellbeing buffers.

Final call to action comes from the fact that I see so many people locked to their screens all day and withdrawn from others because their headphones are a permanent head accessory.

So, give it a go…It’s what I’m going to do right now!

I wish you good luck! Feel free to post any acts you were inspired to bring to others in the comments section.